Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes – Benz S class is definitely one of the best and the most pampering cars available nowadays designed so it can provide full comfort, safety and stability on the road along with the feeling of incredible luxury. The Company of Mercedes – Benz has managed to develop the most technologically advanced vehicle by installing the pre-safe security system which maintains the highest level of your safety during any ride. What is more, this amazing car possesses power-adjustable heated and ventilated massaging rear seats and many other new features which will leave you breathless. It’s quieter, classier and more comfortable than its rivals and comes with cutting-edge technology.

Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes – Benz E class is the addition to our luxury vehicles’ offer. With slightly weaker performances than the S class, this car and its innovative exterior prove why are the Mercedes vehicles the ultimate status symbols. The impeccable interior would be best described as exclusivity, comfort and recognized quality. .  It’s spacious, supremely comfortable and in short – it is a luxury car with limousine looks.

Skoda Superb

Škoda Superb is the Czech brand’s largest and most luxurious car. Along with its unique and modern exterior, and innovative security and assistance system, this well-known model will captivate you by the perfect combination of its interior’s originality and supreme comfortability.  If you set your mind to this “old lady”, you will be personally ensured in the perfection and quality of this prestigious Czech model.

Skoda Octavia

The third generation of Škoda Octavia brings the brand new design of this Czech beauty. If you want the middle-class affordability and quality and sophistication in one car, this is the perfect choice for you. Ranged as C segment car,  regarding its performances and frontal and rear spaciousness, Octavia has no competitors. In addition to acceleration time of 7,4 seconds and a top speed of 231 km per hour, this car also possesses the 6-speed DSG transmission.


Mercedes Viano

If you find yourself in need of a practical, reliable and efficient vehicle, in that case, this light commercial ’’German’’  is by far the best possible choice you can make. With its six seats and cargo space, the Mercedes – Benz Viano offers you optimal usability, while its design overcomes prejudices regarding the unappealingness of cargo vehicles. Although the company of Mercedes – Benz classifies Viano as monovolume,  due to its outstanding technical performances, it can stand side by side with any type of classical vans.

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter is genuine refreshment in the sphere of van transportation. One more time the company of Mercedes – Benz has accomplished to create a vehicle which reflects its fundamental values: quality, comfort, reliability and safety. With its attractive and modern design, ergonomic seating and spaciousness, Sprinter represent the ideal solution for your needs. When it comes to safety and security, what differs this van from its competitors is its Adaptive electronic stability programme which identifies driving situations and helps the driver to stabilise the vehicle.